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If you have a passion for wildlife and want to share that passion then this is the place to be so why not register now with the Wildlife Village and become part of a growing group of like minded enthusiasts.

Our main topic of discussion is Ospreys. We were initially brought together by following the dramas and life of the most well known Osprey in the UK, affectionately known to her followers as ”Lady” or ”Lady of the Loch”. She continued to return to Loch of the Lowes, near Dunkeld, for 24 consecutive years. Lady established herself as the oldest known Osprey to breed in the UK.

Sadly she did not return to the nest in 2015 and her whereabouts are unknown. She left a legacy of 50 chicks that fledged and left the nest over her 24 years as a Scottish summer visitor.




We follow a wide variety of Osprey nests in the UK & Europe, and as far afield as the USA and Canada, with a membership equally as international!

We are a largely informal discussion group, and invite comment on anything within the natural world, so if you have a story about your wildlife experiences, be it the hedgehogs in your garden, or last years African safari, why not come and share it with us here?

Join in the wildlife chat in one of our groups, click here to go to groups now!


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