W.V. Gift Vouchers

I thought you might like the idea of the Wildlife Village Gift Voucher.

You decide the amount that you want the Gift Voucher for.  If you only want £5.00, then thats all you pay, or  if you want £10.00 then you pay that. Rather than me fix a price on it I thought it would be easier if YOU DECIDE.

You can choose any item in the fundraising section,  except “The Book”, sorry folks Shirley deals with that one.

You can purchase it for yourself or a friend or whoever you want to buy one for

Again ALL PROFITS go to The Wildlife Village Fund

The only Gift Voucher where you choose the amount  you want it to be.

Get me at the usual, either PM or send me an e-mail at  susanmcvey   @  hotmail.   com

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