• Lorna posted a new activity comment 1 year, 8 months ago

    @ANGELA, thank you for the History. A very interesting read, and again a lot of inter-marriages. I think you know that I like historical places 🙂 having posted some for me to read about over the years.
    If, and its a big if, I ever manage to get to Wales (Maternal Grandfather was born in Radyr, Glamorgan in 1878, of Devon born parents), I…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 2 years ago

    Weather here is getting colder each day and some snow predicted but has yet to arrive. Sounds like those in the S and SW are having miserable weather while those in the N are finally getting a break. Read that he SW coast of Wales was hit particularly hard and hope ANGELA and family are OK.@angela

    I was Elise’s babysitter today!!! This is not…[Read more]

    • You did well, LINDA – changing nappies is something I didn’t attempt with Emilia either! Elise was obviously very happy being left with Grandma.

      The wind has finally abated here in the South East – fences stayed up, although they took a battering during Storm Imogen. Lots of problems on roads and rail around yesterday, especially the QE11…[Read more]

      • Glad you aren’t too badly affected MARION, all seems quite here at the moment, but much colder, which I don’t mind.

        • Lorna replied 2 years ago

          MARION, the Taw Bridge in north Devon was closed for a while yesterday to high sided vehicles, as was the Tamar Bridge, from Devon into Cornwall.
          Seafronts closed as the waves crashed over the walls. 2 very silly folks walked along a sea front in one resort ,and the female was dragged along the promenade and up smashed against a boat, receiving…[Read more]

    • Well done LINDA, I’m sure the most important thing to Elise is her food and a cuddle.

    • Lorna replied 2 years ago

      LINDA, sorry I shouldnt laugh, but that was exactly what I was on about, with disposable nappies. Would have changed a terry nappy on my lap, but the mums nowadays have changing mats, either on the floor or on the bed, or even on a special worktop that has everything within reach.
      But you had the pleasure of feeding her and burping, and cuddles…[Read more]

    • It’s a question of confidence isn’t it – I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how to do but were just a little nervous and of course nappies are so different these days – we say nappies you say diapers! At least you got in plenty of cuddle time.

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 2 years, 1 month ago

    Heard from daughter and OH last eve and they are finally clear of the snow. The first plow got stuck in the drive 3 times…..gave up and left. The second just arrived, shook his head and left. Finally SiL called someone with a front-loader to get the job done. He just scooped buckets of snow and dumped them to the side of drive. Took 90…[Read more]

    • Hello LINDA. So glad to see that you and your family have survived such a sudden and violent snow storm. It arrived so fast didn’t it with devastating results wherever it fell. Your SiL certainly had his work cut out to clear at least some of it away. Now I suppose it will all be in great piles either side of their drive, or lane or whatever…[Read more]

      • Hi ROSY, So good to hear from you. It is not often that our paths directly cross. Hope your rain holds off and you can get out for your walk. Afraid the pounds around the middle is a female curse. I lost a lot of weight in the year of my surgery but still have the pounds around the middle!
        As to the damage from all the snow melt, it just…[Read more]

        • Glad you and your family can cope with the extreme weather – a positive attitude certainly helps overcome problems. Your pond story made me laugh – my sister has a pond and I could just imagine the scenario. Glad the fish survived such a trauma!

    • LINDA – so pleased to hear that your daughter and SiL finally managed to get their drive clear and that all is well with you all. I’m feeling much better, thanks for asking – cough seems to have almost gone, still feel very tired though.

      • Glad you are improving Marion. The tiredness seems to take forever to go though – I have to force myself to go out or I would just slump all day! Hope you will soon be 100%.

    • LINDA, pleased to read that your Daughter and family are now able to move about if needs be. Had to smile about problem of moving the snow, and the front loader piling the snow up either side of the path. Cost, ouch!!

    • Nice to hear you and family have come through the snow storm, We never think of the snow moving problems here.Hope you are all keeping well and free of the winter bugs..

  • Fionamcg posted a new activity comment 2 years, 8 months ago

    Super photo’s @angela are you still on holiday or home now? I’ve missed so much on here this year

  • Fionamcg posted a new activity comment 2 years, 9 months ago

    Next year @angela start planning now, would be great if we could meet up at some point. A few of us are lucky enough to live closeby and can arrange to meet up outwith the big meet 🙂 Any excuse for a visit to Lowes!

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