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    @Erica there is a Balkan marble white in these pictures. Some of the images are from Corfu others are from Kintyre.

    • They are lovely photos, Peter. Thanks. I am sure you haven’t time to look in here often but I have recently been following NatureUK on Twitter and posting some of their photos of moths, bees dragonflies etc here and I have become quite fascinated with them. I identified my first Banded demoiselle in France in May ( which yours is not, I know) and…[Read more]

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    @jackien @erica Posted below about the Man of Kent train.
    More thoughts on Kent, not hoppicking related, but father-in-law\’s family from Romney Marsh, where his father was a \”looker\” – a shepherd:

    Romney Marsh is a fascinating place:

    • Thanks. I’m going to read it later and the link you posted below.

    • Thank you Marion for this very interesting piece of Romney Marsh history. When I lived in Rye, I used to go for walks there but don’t remember ever having seen any of those shepherds’ huts. This of course was long ago with no visitors’ centre or publicity in general about that area.

    • Thank you so much for this MARION, John Betjeman summed it up beautifully. I took the eldest two granddaughters on the light railway last year, they loved it. Now I just need to hook on the pedometer and do the coastal walk!

    • I had not heard of the word “looker” to describe a shepherd but it’s obvious isn’t it. Lovely article on the lookers and their huts. Thanks again MARION

    • I`m loving reading about the Kent stories, and it was interesting reading about the “lookers” and their huts. A way of life now gone.
      Even Shepherds as we know them rarely go on foot nowadays if they have a large flock over a wide area. Quadbikes are used, with the sheepdog sitting on the back.

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    @ERICA, I resize them to 640 x 480. It also depends on whether its portrait or landscape type photos that make them look bigger.

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    @Erica, Laughing here. I just checked the # of cicada species in US and found there are 190 species in US and Canada!!! I really haven’t seen or heard one in years. Just recently talked to cousin and a friend from another county and the invasion is finally winding down. Both said it was horrible and they have at times shoveled the skeletons…[Read more]

    • Yes, I should have said ‘One of the very many N Amercan species, shouldn’t I? It’s sometimes difficult to remember what an enormous continent you live on.
      I remember that some of us baulked years ago at having to write ‘about a computer ‘program’ because it was not our spelling but we all do it cheerfully now.

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    ERICA@erica , After I posted this, I did google \”The Cicada and the Ant\”. I found that it is the same or very similar to our \”The Grasshopper and the Ant\”.
    I can not view the above video. \”Not available in my country\”. Need to get one of those gadgets you recommended!

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    Have a few minutes before I need to prepare breakfast for guests. Want to welcome MARION home and briefly read that your weather was very good and enjoyed your time with family. Yay!! Will have more time to absorb it all in a couple of days.

    Really want to thank:

    ERICA@erica for the info provided on VPN. I had no idea that there was such a…[Read more]

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    Nearly midnight here and have another busy day starting in the morning. Rains are moving in tomorrow evening so have to scurry around tomorrow.

    ERICA@erica , Guess you haven’t heard all my possum and raccoon stories. They both are nightly visitors. They come for the feral cat food and the spilled seeds. I have tried to discourage them by…[Read more]

    • Thank you LInda – I never tire of hearing your tales of your garden visitors!

    • No need to apologise LINDA. Great write up of what life is like living with them, and why they are now in the urban areas. It refresh`s our memories of what they are like and what they are capable of doing.

    • Oh, Linda, how good of you to write about your creatures.I remember the raccoons but had overlooked the possums. What stories go on around your house and yard all the time. Iced cinnamon rolls indeed!
      Do you know of the Australian comedian/writer, Barry Humphries, who in his stage persona of exotic, vulgar and motherly Dame Edna Everage used to…[Read more]

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    @erica – Erica I have just read your post about your radiotherapy. I had no idea what was involved – must say it sounds extremely unpleasant but on the positive side so much better than chemotherapy and, hopefully, that is all your treatment over in one go and you can now put the whole experience behind you and get on with being happy xxx

    • I also have just been catching up and was quite shocked to see what you have had to endure but as others have said hope you can get on and enjoy life and be happy.
      Some time back you commented what fun about Bea making pasta pies so here are a couple of pics to make you smile.

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    Glad you are getting on well with Windows 10 @erica – I have had a few problems, but have persevered and sorted out for myself. There are still a few things I still have to get to grips with – not sure I like it as much, but then it’s like a lot of new things, just a case of getting used to it!
    Glad you are feeling better – hope all goes well…[Read more]

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    ERICA @Erica, Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you today as you have your medical appointment to hear the final results and prognosis after your surgery. I hope you were able to relax with your family this weekend. Positive thoughts and prayers have been sent your way. We are here for you. Bless xx

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    Good morning,

    Hope everyone not feeling well has at least seen some improvement.

    We are having a nice break in the winter weather and I have been taking advantage and clearing out my garage. I have a 2 car garage that has turned into a 1 car plus storage (junk). Would like to get it all cleared so that winter guests and my visiting…[Read more]

    • HI LINDA – Just read you post. A coincidence – we are just about to go into our double garage to stow the Christmas decorations, we only have room for one car like you, the rest is junk and ‘things’ from our last removal 9 years ago, still packed and some re-packed stuff for car boot sales which we never seem to get to!
      Ha, ha, we run on parallel lines.

    • LINDA, good luck with the garage clearing. My favourite Charity shop has had a lot of my de-clutter, so someone else can have it and money raised from its sale goes to the Charity.
      Would love to see the video but it wont open, as it say you have to sign in to open it, and I wont sign in.

    • Same problem for me – can’t view the video so my imagination is doing it for me and it’s awesome!!!

      Good luck with those garages. Ours was designed when cars were the size of a Ford Prefect – so if a car won’t go in – cram it full of junk – oh and spiders!

    • The video says it is private and so unfortunately can’t watch but how interesting to see the young man and the benefits he believes it has brought him.

  • Linda, USA posted a new activity comment 2 years, 1 month ago

    ERICA, @Erica Thanks, saw this afternoon but didn\’t have time to respond then. You wouldn\’t find our famous Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70\’s making such remarks about the ballet. Many of the players, during those years, had ballet training for the balance, flexibility etc. and they won 4 Super Bowls! Loved the Pennsylvania Ballet\’s response!

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