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    This photo has just come in. @lorna @jacqueline in particular.

    • Thank you ERICA, and thank you Ashley for the ways to tell the difference. I will probably remember it thus, Brown Willow, and Black Marsh. .

    • Ha ha – I’m not surprised field guides don’t mention it. You would have to get a fantastic shot (like this one) before you could even see the hairs let alone decide on their colour. Both Marsh and Willow are notoriously difficult to photograph – they hardly ever stay still for long. Thanks Erica – that is fascinating info.

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    @jacqueline I have just accessed here on my phone and I I can’t, 5 minutes after doing it, quite rember how but I think I clicked on the three lines or dots? at the top right, ticked ‘request desktop version’ and then ‘help’ at the very bottom of the list. Up came the sign-in procedure and I put in password etc, added up the sum, and clicked log…[Read more]

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    Thank you, @marion, @lorna, @jacqueline for advice about photos. I’ll try again later.

  • Linda, USA posted a new activity comment 1 year, 8 months ago

    @Jacqueline, Thank you for clearing up my confusion. I have really been puzzled for a few days. I don’t like the solution either but do understand trying to protect the reds. Perhaps a better solution will be found.
    There was a grey squirrel nest just a few trees away from the pine that was cut down. Happy to say that it survived without…[Read more]

    • I second that last sentence. We are in political chaos over here at the moment! I think you have the perfect attitude to your wildlife – mine also.

  • Lorna posted a new activity comment 1 year, 8 months ago

    @Jacqueline, No you didnt say anything about the electricity wire hum and buzz!!! Thank goodness nothing happened to you, except being scared and getting thoroughly wet.

  • erica posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 8 months ago

    The massed plants I saw the Hoplia coerulea beetle on are Rubus Ulmifolius, the elm-leaved bramble. Today I took a walk and saw the same or another beetle, which is not known in UK, in almost exactly the same place. I was lucky to see it anyway as I was taking a photo of the pink flowers, still pursuing my project this holiday of identifying the…[Read more]

    • Thank you ERICA. It would seem the shrub/bush is a type of Blackberry.
      I wonder if the Beetles eat any of the fruit?
      Looking forward to seeing your wild flower photos, and if we can identify them (research will be good for the brain), before you name them. Competition coming to the Village soon 🙂

      • Good idea. I can’t upload any now as the laptop, since the Hotzone was out of action, won’t access the Internet. I have taken quite a lot on my phone which doesn’t have the best camera, tho’ the pictures look good on the screen.

    • As Lorna said – looking forward to seeing some of your wild flower pictures perhaps when you get back.

    • Thanks ERICA – look forward to seeing your photos in due course

  • Fionamcg posted a new activity comment 1 year, 11 months ago

    @jacqueline Yes! At one point the other day I counted over 20 m&f siskins, either at the feeder or on our Rowan tree waiting for the feeder! I have never seen them before in our area. I’m delighted.

    • I bet you are! Beautiful little birds – how lucky to have them in your garden. They tend to be winter visitors here but I know they breed up in your neck of the woods.

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    Took new Windows 10 desktop out of box and new monitor etc. Set up this morning. All seems well. It is spookily quiet. Hope @jacqueline has set up hers.
    Linda is behind us in time, isn’t she and so we won’t know the vet’s results yet.

    • Lorna replied 2 years ago

      ERICA, hope you are keeping well. I dont know about JACK`s, but MARION has done hers.
      Probably hear from LINDA this evening our time.

      • Thank you, Lorna. In the last couple of days I have felt a lot more normal and agile and willing to get on with things like setting the PC and organising/tidying around. I get rid of the compression stockings in a week. They are very hot in bed, and I go for the radiotherapy next week.
        Congratulations on the decorating. You didn’t even wait for…[Read more]

        • Erica – I’m in awe of you! Well done. Do you think you will like Windows 10? I’m afraid mine is still in the box but I have taken the very bold step of speaking to my son’s partner about the situation and she is quite willing to come over and give me a hand with the setting up when I feel brave – so slow progress but progress!
          I was wondering…[Read more]

          • Windows 10 seems fine and self explanatory as far as I can see. You will get the prompt to upgrade, I imagine. If you decide to it will be fine for you. I have made a start on dismissing the things my magazine said were intrusive. You said you had a similar article.

            • Yes I did. You are more confident than I am with the technical stuff although when I really put my mind to it I can usually do it but I need a big push! Good luck.

    • Glad you are getting on well with Windows 10 @erica – I have had a few problems, but have persevered and sorted out for myself. There are still a few things I still have to get to grips with – not sure I like it as much, but then it’s like a lot of new things, just a case of getting used to it!
      Glad you are feeling better – hope all goes well…[Read more]

  • erica posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 2 years ago

    @jacqueline The second step in getting your PC up and running is not taking it out of the box but clearing the space where it is going to go.

    • If only it were that easy! I have so much stuff on this one that it fills me with dread. I use Office a lot for my Nature Reserve work and just know it will a nightmare trying to transfer everything as the new version is different from mine but I am putting files onto external hard drives so slowly forcing myself to face the fact that sooner…[Read more]

      • Don’t forget you online storage too like Dropbox – you might have to pay something if you have absolutely masses of stuff- , Google Drive etc and Picasaf or example for photos. Please forgive me if i am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs. (Not really very appropriate actually because I am older than you I am sure.)
        Good on you for tackling it…[Read more]

  • erica posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 2 years ago

    @jacqueline. First step – looking in the box; second step taking it out of the box!

    By the way have you plans to seek out the pearl-edged fritillary this season?

    • Ha ha Erica. Yes I’m psyching myself up for opening the box! Pearl-bordered Frit is one we hope to target this year. I’ve seen Small Pearl-bordered which isn’t so rare but is equally beautiful. How are you getting on with your research into a new computer?

      • Sorry I got the butterfly’s name wrong. I saw a picture of it the other day and thought of you.
        Tomorrow we are going to order a desktop from Chillblast. It’s Windows 10 and is a ‘budget’ model. It has good reviews in my magazine and we don’t need anything elaborate. We just do the usual, web browsing, photos, music, word processing and this…[Read more]

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    @jacqueline, @lorna,,
    I am not flying to Vienna, I am flying to Munich. ( Ah, s/he is not flying to Vienna….. to Munich.
    I learnt French at school to A level and when a new teacher arrived O levelSpanish in the U6th, but I almost never spoke French aloud as I didn’t find the pronunciation easy and it’s only in the last few years that I have…[Read more]

    • I think ERICA, that when one stay`s for reasonable periods in a different Country and you make the effort to speak their language, it becomes a little easier.

      • Yes, and you must be try to be confident. My written, if rusty, and reading of French is fine but I never had confidence. Now I’m old enough not to bother too much.

    • Thanks Erica. I had a rather chequered school career changing schools at 13 and starting on a completely new syllabus so only a smattering of German but I do love the sound of the language – much nearer to ours than French. I’m sure the locals and your French friends really appreciate your efforts and any foreign language spoken with an accent…[Read more]

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    I meant to say to @jacqueline particularly that it is the first of the month tomorrow and an opportunity to find just one item to get rid of. Gently does it.

    • Thanks for reminding me Erica – I think I can just about manage one item – must make a fresh start this month and stick to it.

  • erica posted a new activity comment 2 years, 6 months ago

    @jacqueline. I had forgotten until I read you comment that I said on here almost exactly one year ago that we had seen a WBrown and you suggested I told Ken Orpe. I did and he mentioned it in his email. I have been receiving them ever since and think they are so interesting. We saw this one over a couple of days but only one. We have not seen too…[Read more]

    • I’d completely forgotten that Erica – getting old! Yes I have kept my e-mail alert – find it really useful. Hope you have a lovely time at your second home!

  • Fionamcg posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 2 years, 10 months ago

    Good morning all at last my days off have arrived! Hairdressers later, I love going there I find it s relaxing ~ I know @jacqueline would say differently!
    Huge congratulations to @lindausa and your family, exciting times ahead and I couldn’t think of anyone who would make a better grandmother xxxx

    • Ha ha Fiona – you are so right! Hope it turns out like you wish – mine never does! Enjoy your days off.

    • Hi FIONA, well, I was at the hairdressers earlier this week and I’m afraid she certainly didn’t do all that well. True the cut was fine, but the resultant blow/dry found me looking rather like a rabbit with its fur stuck to its body! However, I’m sure your coiffure will be perfect, and I hope you had a nice relaxing time at your hairdressers.…[Read more]

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