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  • @Erica there is a Balkan marble white in these pictures. Some of the images are from Corfu others are from Kintyre.

    • They are lovely photos, Peter. Thanks. I am sure you haven’t time to look in here often but I have recently been following NatureUK on Twitter and posting some of their photos of moths, bees dragonflies etc here and I have become quite fascinated with them. I identified my first Banded demoiselle in France in May ( which yours is not, I know) and…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Good morning, Thanks for the holiday wishes. Have car packed with the food and hoping to leave by 8am. Did the dinner prep when I got home last eve…..a very simple version of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Just a stuffed turkey breast rather than a whole turkey. Only 3 of us for dinner and I do not eat poultry so turkey breast is more…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Good morning (well it’s morning here), Cold, blustery, snow/ice here and I
    had to dig out my shoe grippers. We dropped from a wonderful, sunny, 72F
    to 28F in less than 24hrs.

    I have already been out to chip the ice of bird bath/feral water dish and to feed
    all outdoors. I have electric feeding dishes and water bowls but must dig…[Read more]

    • Wet and windy here but not as wild as in some places in the UK. Glad you’ve done the prep for the candy. Look out cherries!

    • Crickey Linda – that is a massive drop in temperature.

    • LINDA, ouch, that is a drop in temperature, goodness me.
      We down here, had a months rainfall in 2 and half days, and it isnt finished yet. Tomorrow should be a bit better, but the run off water will still be a problem until all the streams and rivers have eased everything through.
      Any chance of seeing a photo of the finished Candies ?

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Arrived home late last eve, exhausted and “sticky”. Hot shower and to bed.
    I read on Facebook this morning that Fiona McGlashan’s Father died. I believe
    that it was yesterday. Just skimmed the posts here and didn’t see it mentioned.
    Fiona@fionamcg, I am so sorry. From the Facebook comments, he was a very special,
    much loved man. My…[Read more]

    • LINDA, thank you for the news of FIONA`s Dad`s passing. It wasnt posted here, only that Bobs Dad isnt well. I knew about her Dad, and as she hadnt posted about how poorly he was here, I never posted the information. They had their hands full as it was.
      FIONA, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Bob and the children. Big (((HUGS)) for all of you.

    • Thanks for letting us know about FIONA’s Dad, so sorry.

      Hope you got rid of all that stickiness! Its far from sticky here, temp. down to -2c last night, frost on the garden. Am still suffering with the ‘bug’ both of us are, it’s at the thick horrible stage now so not sleeping very well. Maurice is on Amoxicillin, I will be asking for some soon…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Good morning all,

    JACKIE, How is your head this morning after an evening of celebrating the
    wonderful results from OH’s testing? What an anxious time for your family.
    His illness was obviously severe and hope there are no more scares. Look
    forward to a wonderful holiday season in your lovely “new home”.
    Hope we will see some before and…[Read more]

    • LINDA, Enjoy your time at your friends and preparing for the Candy making.

    • I am fine. A sunny cold one and I have 2 granddaughters to keep busy away from the building works ( schools are off today), so what did we do?shopping of course. We bought some surprises for their Mum and Dad.
      The candy making sounds exhausting but well worth it. Those chocolate cherries sound mouth watering.
      I will try and get some pics with the…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    I returned home yesterday in the early am. No one was available, early am, to care for my animals so duty called.
    Had a very relaxing time up in the country. We did work on the leaves (now done) and made several
    trips to the wholesaler to buy the supplies for candy making. We will have everything set up and try to
    start with the candy making…[Read more]

    • You sound much calmer now Linda – the visit obviously did you good and I love your report on the deer rut – what a lovely thing to witness.

    • This all sounds like a very agreeable and calming way to spend your days LINDA. I hope you enjoy all your thanksgiving feasting.

    • Watching the deer sounds a lovely experience. Glad you had a good time and i am getting excited about the candy making.

    • Sounds as though you enjoyed your trip to your friend’s, LINDA – so pleased you had a lovely relaxing time

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hello every one,

    Not yet 7am and beginning to see some daylight to the East. It has been
    very cold the last couple of days.

    I’m heading up to my friend’s house in the country. Just need to get away
    from the TV/news and all the disgusting demonstrations. I don’t know what
    they hope to accomplish. Unfortunately, they have been encouraged…[Read more]

    • All very worrying news at the moment, LINDA – hope you find some peace and tranquillity at your friend’s

    • LINDA, enjoy your break with your friend. No TV, no radio, no papers.
      Have you helped with the Chocolate? making yet?

    • Still not good LINDA by the sound of it. We just had a news summary on the radio BBC, Trump has announced he is still going to built that wall, or rather some wall some fence, to keep Mexican people out and is still going to deport a million some of illegal immigrants, what is he bringing down on everyone’s heads. I dread to think and don’t…[Read more]

    • It will help restore your equilibrium to get away for a few days – must be awful over there from what we see on the News.

    • Ha ha Linda – that was wonderful. I saw it was going to be shown for the first time tonight during a programme I don’t watch so was going to record it – just for the ad! Thank you – you have saved me the trouble. I hope it makes more people love wildlife especially foxes.
      Hope you and all America is adjusting to the idea of a new and very…[Read more]

      • Hi JACQUELiNE, Pleased you were able to copy the video. I loved it.

        Things here are running the gamut from protests/violence to quiet acceptance. I hold my breath every time I see the Donald on TV. He has been subdued and respectful. Virtually all the news reporters/papers, pundits, commentators and pollsters had this 100% wrong. I suggest…[Read more]

    • HI LINDA – I watched the ad on TV tonight, it’s great, so clever all the animals except Buster the Boxer dog are animatronics, they are so realistic and as Lucy has a very similar trampoline at the bottom of the garden I can imagine this happening, she will love the ad.
      There’s still lots on tonight re the election, the meeting at the Whitehouse…[Read more]

      • Thanks JENNY, For telling me how that clip was done. I have wondered about it all day. Even had them being tossed into the air, one at a time, and then filmed and spliced together. LOL I’m afraid all this high tech stuff has left me in the dust! Hard to know these days just what is real and what is not.
        I’m sure Lucy will love it!

    • I saw this yesterday on a television preview and I did make me laugh, apart from worrying that Marion would have her heart in her mouth about the little hedgehog. He, he. Fancy you being able to see it.

      • ERICA, Maybe it was one of those WikiLeak thingies that seem to
        have bombarded the US. Actually also had it sent again by a friend in Wisconsin.

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi all,

    Returned from my county friend’s home early last eve. It was very cold there
    so no “deck rot” but she has a huge window that looks out to her pond. So
    we need treatment for “chair rot”. No political/election discussions at all.
    The deer were back and forth several times and many birds at her feeders.
    It was lovely to get…[Read more]

    • Now, LINDA, that is what I call SOUP! My mouth is watering! How lovely to have seen those Deer wandering across the ground whilst you were sitting with your friend watching the ‘outdoors’. How I agree with you at the joy of NOT hearing anything political.

    • 🙂 🙂 LINDA, I think “deck rot /chair rot” will stay with us for a long time.
      Glad you had a relaxing time, and then after arriving home making that home made soup.

    • HI LINDA – I’m soup making too, boiled up the weekend chicken carcass and tomorrow will add chunky veggies of all kinds. We usually eat chunky soup first and liquidise the remainder for another meal, we love home made soup. It’s very cold here now, down to 3c yesterday with snow, quite a shock after such a warm October.

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    I’m sitting here stunned. I did vote this afternoon and did as planned.
    I have taken much criticism from friends for “wasting my vote”. This was
    not a decision that I took lightly. I just could not vote for either candidate.
    It came down to….I am nearing the end of my life and felt that those who
    will be living with the monumental…[Read more]

    • Linda – I have been thinking about you a lot during the election. Rather shell-shocked by the result – what with Brexit and Trump – the voting public has gone a bit crazy in both our countries. Over here we had a taste of the way Trump operates with his golf course – money sure talks. Enjoy your ‘deck rot’ never heard that phrase before.

    • LINDA, good for you and so pleased you stuck to your decision to vote the way you wanted. We all have that right, for whichever cause we are voting for.
      Yes, as we get older, its left to those that made their choices to live with it. I think you will do just that, the same as I am here.
      🙂 🙂 I can imagine what “deck rot” is about. Enjoy…[Read more]

    • You are entitled not to use your vote as a protest if your conscience orders. You have done the right thing according to what you told us about how you felt about the candidates.
      I was thinking I liked the term ‘deck rot’ but on reflection I’m not so sure. Have a great time rooted to the deck anyway.

    • Sounds like a wonderful way of spending the time with your friend LINDA, enjoy.

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Good morning,

    Wonderful links and posts….just great and I haven’t even been through
    them all.

    MARION, The link for Westonbirt Arboretum was just stunning. Haven’t
    seen anything that begins to compare here. I even loved the bare, gnarled,
    twisted trees. I will view that again and again.

    ERICA, LORNA, JENNY, I am the resident Oreo…[Read more]

    • I’ve never eaten an Oreo but know them from American books. I think they’ve been on sale here for a while but have never seen an advertising campaign before. We have other biscuits with a soft filling like them and when we were children we used to open up and eat that first.

      I hope that whoever is elected the aftermath will not be as bitter as we fear.

    • Youngest daughter has always loved Oreos – supermarkets stock them here.

    • LINDA, hope the medical went well. I never knew about Oreo`s until yesterday, and believe it or not, in the shop this morning, I was looking along the shelves for something to put in the Garden Clubs Christmas Draw Hampers, and there they were, Oreo`s. So bought a packet. It will be with my groceries when they are delivered and will be tried.
      I…[Read more]

    • HI LINDA, I’m off on an Oreo hunt tomorrow and I don’t mean the cooooos! When I have found them I will report back to our resident Oreo Expert, I hope they are as delicious as your describe.

      I will be thinking about you and your country folk tonight, we don’t get any idea of results until late tonight and the pundits are saying if there is a…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    I’ve already managed to anger the neighborhood ferals. Our time didn’t
    change until last night SO judging by the looks I got this morning, this is
    all my fault. I welcomed the extra hour of sleep last night. My arms and
    back were aching from the leaf raking at friend’s home. Planned to go
    tomorrow but supposed to rain starting tonight.…[Read more]

    • 🙂 We always had a problem when the clocks went back, with the dogs. Not a problem when they went forward in the Spring though, they were very pleased to be fed, even if it was earlier.
      Hope your arms and back are being cared for. (I know, I`m a fine one to talk).
      My Lawn was white this morning, not with frost, but very heavy dew. The wind is…[Read more]

    • Ha, ha, loved your story, just the sort of thing I would do!! Hope your arms are feeling better. We got funny looks from our garden bird population earlier, OH had been out power-washing the algae from the wooden garden gates and had forgotten to refill the bird feeders. We didn’t notice until lunchtime when we loaded the dogs in the car to go…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi, This will be short. After all the raking of the last 2 days, my
    arms hurt to just type! Made lots of progress at my friends on
    Wednesday and yesterday. Home today to recover and will
    work on my leaves over the weekend. Back to help friend next

    I did reach agreement with the attorney on Tues. He won one
    and I won one. Papers are…[Read more]

    • It’s been delayed, LINDA, but I have spent time packing and choosing units appliances and accessories. Starting on Monday then on Tuesday I will be going South as I have an appt to do with Dads power of Attorney which I don’t want to miss. THe house will be freezing anyway and our team are truely trustworthy. I will be back on Saturday and should…[Read more]

    • LINDA, pleased to read you stuck to your guns with your Attorney although its a 50-50 result. After all you pay for your wish`s to be seen too.
      Aching arms? Did you not use the leaf blower again?
      Doesnt voting for Senator/Congressman put them into the count for the future President, even though you are unhappy with both contestants? Our Local…[Read more]

    • HI LINDA – your description of the presidential candidates sums the situation up in two words perfectly, we had a programme on BBC last night about all the conspiracy stories being put about by Trump, i.e. Obama’s birth certificate, was it faked…..etc. What an idiot, I was falling asleep in front of the TV as it was on late but I had seen and…[Read more]

    • HI AGAIN LINDA – Just watching our 10pm ITV news, people being interviewed from Braddock in your state, a shopkeeper, missed what he said unfortunately, I came into the room at the end of his interview. Maurice said the man said because of the downturn in industry etc. he is voting for Trump, not that you want to hear that!!

      We were told that…[Read more]

  • Linda, USA posted an update in the group Group logo of Village GreenVillage Green 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hello all,

    It was beautiful here today. Temp about 74. Yes, I know you would all be
    too hot, but here that is perfect. Same for tomorrow.

    Have been tied up with medical and legal appointments. Medical went fine but
    really have a time trying to agree with lawyers. Just trying to have my Will,
    Living Will, POA’s (both financial and in…[Read more]

    • LINDA I hope you have a lovely time with your friend once you sort everything with your lawyer. Will you be away for The Vote?

    • LINDA, I gave up on Solicitors arranging my Will to my liking about 10 years ago. As you say its all “flowery” and “legalese”, and so, like my Mum, I bought a Will pack from a well known High Street Stationary shop, and re-made my will out (which annuls and voids any previous ones) , in my words and easy to understand, and it was witnessed and…[Read more]

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