• Lorna posted an update in the group Group logo of ID ITID IT 2 years, 10 months ago

    I found this caterpillar on a Calendula flower earlier. I have looked at Moths and Butterfly caterpillars, and am stumped as to which one of the many it could be. Sorry about the bright orange reflection from the flowers. The caterpillar was a pale beige colour.
    I have just been out to check, and there is no sign of it anywhere. May have been a birds afternoon snack.

    • Hard to tell what it is Lorna. Can’t see any identification spots or lines or anything on it really to give us a clue. Had a look through my moth book but just can’t pick out anything definite. Sorry.

      • JACK`s , no worry. As you see it, thats all that it was. My first thought was a grub of some sort, then it moved like a caterpillar.

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