• Lorna posted an update in the group Group logo of ID ITID IT 1 year, 6 months ago

    @Wildcanvas. PETER. My neighbour brought some fungi around to show me what she had growing in Her garden. Thats the one on the small table. I have been around and taken some photos. At first I thought Bracket, but its spreading around and into the lawn, so not certain its Bracket now.

    • Hi Lorna

      I do recognise it, I shall have a look at my books and ID it tomorrow. Sorry I did not answer sooner it’s been a busy summer for us.

      • Peter, thank you. I know you are busy helping Claire, and didnt expect you to reply right away. Neighbour isnt back from Thailand until this coming weekend. Only posted it as neighbour didnt know what it was, and too many similar for me to identify it properly.

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