Re-sizing Pictures

Resizing Pictures


Pictures for your Album may have to be resized as the original size may be too large to upload.

Before Resizing any picture ALWAYS take a copy of that picture first and USE THE COPY PICTURE to resize

As once resized it cannot be put back to original size

Go to you Pictures, locate the picture to upload onto your album and click once onto your picture to highlight it, and then right click on your mouse/touchpad, this will open up a side menu. Look for the Open With, put mouse onto this and another side menu will appear. Look for Microsoft Office Picture Manager and click onto that. This will open your Picture Manager programme and you should now see the picture you want to resize.

Along the top of your screen look for Edit Pictures, click this and this should give you a menu on the right hand side of your screen with different options. Now look for Resize and click onto this.

This will open up your Resize Programme on the right hand side of your screen. You will now see the setting for this. The Original size of your picture will be highlighted and will have a dot beside it, but we want to change that. Below this is Redefined Width and Height, click onto the little round circle beside this and it will change then from Original to Redefined. This will now say in that box, Document-Large with the size of what the Large document is, but we want to change this. Click onto the drop down arrow beside this and it will open up a drop down menu, choose either Web-Large or Web-Small, as your album will accept either of these 2 sizes. Then at the bottom click onto OK. Now if you are happy with that and your picture already has a name, just click onto the Save Icon


 If you want to change/give your Picture a Name, go up to File, click, then Save As which will open up  your picture library, give your picture a File Name and then Save Type As, click onto arrow and then choose JPEG’s, as your album won’t accept bitmap files

You have now resized your picture, you can also change these setting for sending pictures through your e-mail, just follow above but change to e-mail Large/Small