KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS:- Copy and paste = Ctrl + c to copy, then Ctrl + v to paste cut and paste=ctrl + x then ctrl + v into where you want text to go(don’t need to copy text after cutting does so automatically when hitting ctrl + v) select all text = ctrl + a (this applies to loose text such as email or in a word document doesn’t work with fixed text such as posts on blog. Refresh = F5 button Open a new tab on browser = ctrl + t Close a tab = ctrl + w Display all recent URL’s in address bar = F4 button To clear address from bar = F6 button (quick way to paste another website in quickly) Top of page = Ctrl + home (some keyboards don’t need to press Crtl button for this) Bottom of page Ctrl + End (same applies as above re keyboards highlight link, quickest way to c & paste is to press ctrl + c to copy then ctrl + v to paste here