Having 2 or more sites at the same time on your screen
Look to right hand corner of the screen when on line and you will see 3 boxes
1) Far right Box with a cross in it for closing the page
2) Middle box with 2 small overlapping boxes in which reduces the page THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED
3) Closest box with small dash in it which minimises the whole page

Use the middle box to reduce your page then follow instructions given below
These instructions are for a laptop/desktop not an Iphone.
Having opened the village already as usual and reduced the view as above you can make it smaller by gently placing mouse on any side edge of the page and moving it inwards, you can do this on each edge until you have made it the size you want, use the side bars to centre the piece you want (the bars you use to scroll up and down?)

Keep that to one side and don’t touch it.

Now you should
Open village using link below through your explorer or google in a NEW window so that you keep the village/lady cam on your screen again using link (keep this on your favourties so you can do this again) reduce it the same way and this should give you both on your monitor at once


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